Keen K & P.Muench :: The Spiral / Connection Flight (Perfect Stanger)


"...Perfect Stranger have released a record of perfect and strange disco, disco that has been electrified and splits through the dreariness of the early months of a new year. If this first instalment is anything to go on there should be more amazing music to follow, music to bring smiles to electro fans during such dreary days..."

Robbie Geoghegan, Contributing Editor :
(02.01.09) The rains and winds seem to draw in that bit heavier in the new year. Everything turns grey and dull with the sun deciding to leave off on its usual tonic of vitamin D. It's no wonder that people get depressed and moany around this time. So without celestial rays, how are we going to get over this climate induced melancholy? A new record from a new record label sounds like it could remedy such ills. Pushing away the greyness is the disco electro-centered Perfect Stranger Records. A joint venture between France and Germany, Perfect Stranger have released their debut EP to brighten faces and dancefloors across the overcast continent.

Some may remember Keen K from his 2008 Structures EP on Das Drehmoment, P. Muench is an electronic artist who may be lesser known to many but has an impressive back catalogue. The EP is interesting, as it is more like a remix project. The record only contains one track by Keen K & P.Muench, the rest of the EP is made up of remixes by Polygamy Boys, Magina Girgir, Divider and Electrosexual. The record opens with one of the Das Drehmoment faithful, Magina Girgir and his twilight remix of "The Spiral." The track is an analogue work of reverberating soft tones. The disco element is there, but in the Magina Girgir vein. The track has an echoing lulling aspect to it, haunting darkened dancefloors like only Magina Girgi can. The team of Michel Morin, Sneak-Thief, and Stephan Busche, DJ Gitano, aka The Polygamy Boys, offer up their pain remix of "The Spiral" next. The EBM duo give a dirty electro take, one of looming distorted vocals and shuddering sythesizers. The final track of Side A is the original version of "The Spiral." Keen K & P.Muench construct a work of warm synthesizers and shimmering sound around cold lyrics to produce an alienated electro disco number.
Divider, aka Keen K, opens the B-Side with their version of "Connection Flight." Divider's usual downtempo disco style is replaced by an energy packed electro floor rocker. Vocoders fall and swimming synthlines swirl and swell to make for a track that will have ceilings shaking and walls dripping. Electrosexual ends the 12" with his version of "Connection Flight." The track builds quite slowly, feeling as though it may be the most traditionally electro piece of the record. This isn't the case. When the synth melody breaks Electrosexual unveils an amazingly deep world of discotronix to leave the listener's ears buzzing.

Perfect Stranger have released a record of perfect and strange disco, disco that has been electrified and splits through the dreariness of the early months of a new year. If this first installment is anything to go on there should be more amazing music to follow, music to bring smiles to electro fans during such dreary days.


Jupiter Black - We Like Moroder (Remixes)  (Clone)

The debut release by the second-best electro outfit to come from Dusseldorf was one of last year's big tunes - and Clone have commissioned two excellent remixes. Divider's version keeps the feeling upbeat as an arpeggiated melody soars along to a pulsing, Moroder-esque rhythm, but Starcluster's remix is more inventive.

Tougher and more upfront, its detuned riffs and heavy, climaxing drums will rock any discerning disco.

Great remixes of Jupiter Black’s ‘We Like Moroder’ release from a month or so back. The A-side comes from Divider and is a peak time version with a big bassline and lots of effective building sounds that come in and out. On the flip there’s an amazing mix from Starcluster which stays more true to the original electronic disco style of Giorgio Moroder. It’s all smooth 808 beats and and fat heavy modulating analogue synth lines.

This past year Jupiter Black payed tribute to one of their all time favorite producers, Giorgio Moroder with their 12-inch single We Like Moroder which saw a release off of Clone Records. Now this debut single from John Jupiter & Michael Black gets a much deserving remix from Divider, and Starcluster. These remixes definately take the song from good to really good. The Divider remix appered on Clone's Recloned CD, however the 12-inch remix single should be released soon.


Düsseldorf's Jupiter Black's debut release "We Like Moroder" gets the Divider and Starcluster remix treatment. Actually that’s the same guys who made two different remixes... but its two mixes that really rock!. Maybe even more Moroderesque then the original versions... and for sure these new mixes will work like crazy on the floor. Great tracks for peak time club action with loads of smoke, strobe light and lasers.

www.smallfish.co.uk : They still like Moroder and they still do it funky, authentically retro and full of flavour. These are actually remixes from Divider and Starcluster, but they essentially come from a very similar ballpark to the originals. If you're a fan of the Italo / Electro sound of Clone, this'll be right up your street... certainly made me tap my feet!

www.boomkat.com : Two brilliant remixes here from the mysterious sounding Divider and Starcluster for this classic Clone twelve. The Divider mix on the A side sticks to the brief and delivers a Moroder-esque revision that sounds like a vocoded reworking of Donna Summer's immense "I feel Love", complete with a killer Cosmic breakdown even Alexander Robotnik would be proud of. The starcluster mic on the flip is an altogether more electroid affair that sounds like vintage Japanese Telecom / Drexciya with the kind of percussive squishiness that made Perspects hot property around the end of the last century. Very cool twelve.

www.deejay.de : another great remix of the jupiter black - we like moroder release. two remixes by divider and starcluster (no big names... but two of the coolest remixes!!).

www.disc-jockey.it 02/2007 : Conosciuti durante il passato autunno i Jupiter Black (John Jupiter e Michael Black) si ripresentano su Clone grazie a due remix freschi di stampa. In realtà quello di Kai Lüdeling alias Divider (noto anche come Keen K) l'avevamo già potuto assaporare nella raccolta su cd "ReCloned" ma ecco che il buon Serge Verschuur (l'honcho di Clone) non dimentica le esigenze dei dj's ancora innamorati del caro e vecchio vinile.

Si torna a viaggiare così su cavalcate disco un pò melanconiche che addolciscono lievemente la versione originale prodotta dall'emergente duo di Düsseldorf. Elementi fondamentali sono tastiere e bassline (chiaramente d'estrazione moroderiana e non poteva essere altrimenti visto il titolo) che convergono in una traccia che farà felici gli amanti dell'electro-disco esportata con successo da anni dal team di Rotterdam.

Sul lato b si potrà apprezzare la versione di Starcluster che mi ha impressionato di più grazie a costruzioni ritmiche un pò vintage abbinate ad una tavolozza sonora che si rifà ad una fluida combinazione tra Legowelt, Alden Tyrell e il DMX Krew più melodico e vicino alla new-wave (quello apprezzato qualche anno fa attraverso varie releases sull'americana Ghostly). Il tutto viene connesso e convogliato in un unico flusso da una sottile trama di vocoder.

"We Like Moroder", che nelle ultime settimane è divenuto l'anthem di coloro che amano rifiondarsi nelle indimenticate sonorità 80's, si assicura longevità grazie a due versioni per le quali un amante della disco elettronica prodotta nel nuovo millennio non può che alzare il pollice in alto ed esprimere convincimento. Uscirà presto.

CBS Top 100 2006
Place 22 : Jupiter Black  - We Like Moroder ( DIVIDER Remix )

Another great remix of the Jupiter Black - We Like Moroder release. Two remixes by Divider and Starcluster (actually the same guys... who delivered two of the coolest remixes!!). The A-side is the slamming Divider remix which really rocks with its straight forward kicking beats and massive bassline (Tip for those who loved the Tiefschwarz remix for Unit4 - BodyDub!). The flip gives us a really good Starcluster remix which stays more true to the original (Italo) Disco style of Giorgio Moroder. Smooth 808 beats and a phat analogue basslines and spaced out synth lines. Big support from I-f's CBS radio station. Very cool!



A friend of mine recently e-mailed me with the subject heading "It's the most wonderful time of year!" In the note, he didn't write a word. Instead, he simply sent me a link to download the Cybernetic Broadcasting System Top 100 of 2007. Each year, the online radio show counts down the best 100 tracks (old and new) with an electro, Italo or new wave tinge. The catch? They don't allow tracks that have been used in previous polls to be voted into the list. Say what you will about any genre of music, but there comes a time when you've exhausted the classics. Which makes each year a little bit less interesting.

Little glimmers of hope emerge, however, and in 2007 two singles from the fledgling Aube label were showcased on the program that caught my ear. Jupiter Black's 'Hold Me' and Roland Sebastian Faber's 'Hommage I' were among the few excellent new tracks that graced the countdown. Count on Starcluster's 'Smoke & Mirrors' making its way onto next year's list as well.

On the B-side to Roland Faber and Kai Lüdeling's new-ish project, the duo enlisted Soft Cell's Marc Almond to take the vocal reins and he delivers. As ambiguous as ever, Almond spends the verses relating exactly what another person does for him. It's a long-ass list. (Caressing, needing, giving, indulging, fulfilling, thrilling, yadda, yadda, yadda.) Which is all followed up by a voice whispering in the background, "It's an illusion". And then a whole other list, which includes things like "bleeding" and "breaking". Yep. You guessed it. That love was just 'Smoke & Mirrors'. Almond handles this transformation expertly, biting as deliciously into the bad as the good over a cascading array of synths.

'Dachluke' and 'Winter of Ice' are the supporting players here, but there's no reason to skimp on playing them. The latter is a vocoded lament that wrings the pathos out the harshest season, the former carries the A-side in clichéd, but wonderful fashion. (If you were to build an instrumental electro track based on all past CBS Top 100 entries, you might come up with something like this.) In fact, it's possible that all three might make 2008's list. Sounds like the most wonderful time of year to me.

"This is a tune from Starclusters latest EP, and they’ve been working quite a lot with Marc Almond of late. If you like old electro & synth pop this should be your bag. Myself I have a bit of a problem with Marc Almonds singing…which is why I picked this track instead."

www.idiomag.com/ : Aube is back with two releases to inaugurate the New Year. 2007 saw Aube coming to life with two immense records, the italo flavoured Hold Me by Jupitar Black and the space electro odyssey of Hommage An Die Jugend Europas by Roland Sebastian Faber which received high praise in the 2007 CBS Top 100. The imprint has started 08 with two slices of new wave electro by the team of Roland Faber and Kai Ldeling aka Starcluster. The Starcluster EP gives the listener three servings of synth pop action with an electro edge, with Marc Almond of Soft Cell giving his vocals to the B Side. Following alongside the Starcluster EP is the Smoke and Mirrors remix project, featuring two alternate versions of Smoke and Mirrors and two by a new electronic outfit by the name of The Fascination Movement. Faber and Ldeling open their Starcluster account with Dachlucke.

http://www.client-online.net/forum :

- Starcluster's EP, 'Smoke and Mirrors', is turning out to be one of my favourite CDs of the year so far.
- I'm loving 'Winter of Ice' and several of the remixes of 'Smoke and Mirrors'.
- I'd love to see these guys remix Client
- Yes it's good. Very good actually.
- I really like the fascination and movement remix of the Marc Almond track. It sounds very New Order. I love electro tracks with lots of layers in the sound and this reminds very much of something like Perfect Kiss.
- I'm glad you like. I just cannot stop playing this EP...

www.Decks.de : Finest synth & 80s infected disco killer !! Starcluster featuring Marc Almond with a 2007 version of high energy synth disco. Dachlucke is a killer hi energy disco track with a powerfull drive and classic synths reminiscent to Jean Michel Jarre. On the flip there is a great neo disco track with Marc Almond.. a great piece of music that will make the boys go wild. This one could go big! Bonus track Winter on Ice is another sweet piece of synth music..

http://www.electrofreaks.com/viewtopic.php?t=4128 :
- "Smoke & Mirrors" love it
- I really like this too.
- For the first time in years Marc Almond doesn't over sing a song! Bless him.
- There are some fabulous remixes of this track too, especially the Fascination and Movement remix which is pure New Order Perfect Kiss style with a touch of Giorgio Moroder.
- Winter of Ice is pretty good too.

I really love this track by Starcluster. I think it is called 'Winter Of Ice' and features on the EP 'Smoke and Mirrors'.
This is a tune from Starclusters latest EP, and they’ve been working quite a lot with Marc Almond of late. If you like old electro & synth pop this should be your bag. Myself I have a bit of a problem with Marc Almonds singing…which is why I picked this track instead.
- oh my god!!! this is simply delicious! love 'winter of ice' best, but it is all simply fabulous.

my kind of electro. my ipod loves the ep



www.technodisco.it : Aube, neolabel tedesca che si è riuscita ad intrufolare nel circolo ristretto della produzione electro-disco-retro, rilascia il primo disco degli Starcluster (Kaï Lüdeling aka Keen K/Divider e Roland Faber aka Kinky Roland/Replicant), conosciuti con questo nome giusto un anno fa attraverso il remix di “We Like Moroder” degli Jupiter Black. “Dachluke” è un armonioso trip nella musica synth-pop dalle venature 80s, con tanto di sviluppi afro-disco atti a dimostrare un certo legame col cosmic sound di provenienza italiana. Il brano che valorizza sostanzialmente l’e.p. però è sul lato b, quel “Smoke & Mirrors” cantato da Marc Almond (ricordate i Soft Cell vero?) che riesce a riportare ai tempi della prima Beautycase (2003-2004). Qui la mano di Keen K si sente indiscutibilmente nitida mediante i corposi bassi ottavati, i vocoder futuristici e le strings tanto romantiche da essere paragonate ai vecchi Alphaville. Poi rimane solo da ascoltare “Winter Of Ice” in cui calano i bpm e dove tutto è contestualizzato intorno alla musica electro-pop di venticinque anni fa, un genere che continua a vivere essenzialmente grazie ad un limitato numero di labels dislocate tra Germania ed Olanda. Ps: presto arriveranno i remixes.

Comments on youtube about aube 003 Smoke & mirrors :

- Its too good...where are my poppers?
- MARCS BACK!!!! YES!!!! Patrick Cowley!!
- Looove it! Ode to Bobby O and Patrick Cowley.
- Great new Marc track. Enjoy

phonica.com (UK) : Starcluster featuring Marc Almond with a 2008 version of high energy synth disco. "Dachlucke" is a killer nu-discoid track with a powerfull drive and classic synths reminiscent of, ahem, Jean Michel Jarre. On the flip there is another great nu-disco nugget with Marc Almond on vocals. This one could go big! Bonus track "Winter on Ice" is another sweet piece of synth music... three timeless tracks delivered in nice artwork by the hot Berlin artist by Marc Brandenburg. Great package!

Rubadub ( UK )

Artisan Disco-Electro label Aube supply another slice of cosmic electronics courtesy of Starcluster aka Roland Faber and Kaï Lüdeling. It's a Morodery piece of New Wave Disco, and for added authenticity, they've drafted in the protein-enriched vocal talents of spunk guzzling electro stalwart Marc Almond with his trademark creamy-throated croonery. Genuine glamour tackle for the bescarfed art school brigade.



I can't stop playing the mixes for Marc and Starcluster's 'Smoke and Mirrors' they are so good, this is the kind of music I like from Marc, a brilliant track.



keen K - Structures EP

- Johnny ( Ontario, Canada ) : Great Tunes !

- Buddah Lee ( Las Vegas, Nevada, USA ) : White Bit is straight mid-evil reminds me of that urlaub am straud ep. dopeness!

- Dubbel Dutch ( N.Y. , USA ) : nice sounds. is there anywhere to buy the EP in USA?

http://forum.thomasdolby.com :
keen k. - "retro420" from his brilliant brand new "structures" ep TRACK OF THE DAY, 21. May 2008-06-01


- lincolnstroll : lovely.
- 214 : nice to see him back to form on electro...have a lot of his older works with redagain p..
- elektroakust. : nice one!
"Ant-Test" i like best
- Kalson : fresh and lovely.
great release! Structures and Ant-test my fav
- SoLo : Has a bit of a classic sound to it, a couple of songs. Would go nice on a mellow intellectro mix.

Perfume : this is pretty cool actually. I'm loving it in fact
Minimal Rome : sounds cool!

keen K – structures  chaindlk review: Active since the 80's with different musical project Kai Lüdeling has released few things as Keen K. This new E.P. is presenting six new tracks in balance from lush electronics and italo disco intuitions (like the female vocals on "Retro 420"). The sound used and the way of alternating the different synth layers remembered me the latest Kraftwerk. You know, that sort of soft techno sound with many rhythm layers and rich sound textures. The whole E.P. is based on this kind of sound where long pads are enriched by light glitches, electronic breaks on mid tempo structures. This is the most "modern sounding" release for Das Drehmoment Records and it's good to see that they are varying their sound always keeping the quality high. This E.P. is available as limited edition of 200 vinyls with three different hand sprayed covers by Dinasix. Pick up the one you prefer...

review of side-line.com: Keen K is a Berlin based electro/Italo producer. He started making music in the early 80s in collaboration with Kinky Roland (London, More Protein/HOS/Producer of Boy George). His first 12-inch release, on Jamboo-Records/EMI in 1989 with Kinky, was the project called "Bang The Quake". In the 90s Keen K was a part of The Rorschach Garden and worked on different projects with artists like P. Münch (TRG, Rasputeen, Synapscape), Redagain P. (Source Records) and with different female singers. He also formed the project Trans-Active Nightzone with DTK from Echo West. Since 2006, Keen K & Kinky Roland formed the cosmic disco duo Starcluster. Combining driving, repetitive rhythms with catchy melodies in minimalistic arrangements blended with simplified lyrics sung through a vocoder or generated by computer-speech software makes ring the Kraftwerk-bell, but Keen K succeeds in not underestimating the futuristic approach of composing songs. The 3 A-side songs are very convincing while the 3 B-sides are more experimental. Interesting stuff for Kraftwerk fans!

DJ GIO MC-505 :

wooow, another great release on magic Das Drehmoment!

I can only love a record like this....

http://elbo.ws : Kai Lüdeling seems to be a busy man with many aliases. Known as Keen K here with a 6 track EP on Das Drehmoment . Also known as Divider and one half of the marvelous neo-italo-disco duo Starcluster . Structures is a chunky piece of electro-idm coalition. Upbeat and very jacking, at times not too distant from Bitstream and similar sounds. This means chopped up electro drums and rhythms paired with lush melodic waves for spot on contrast. We know Lüdeling has a knack for melodies from his borderline cheese Starcluster meddlings, here he shows he is just as comfortable cutting, slicing and setting up steady percussion patterns. Now and then the sonic texture is very similar to many late nineties "IDM" artists and songs. Not too bothering except for in Retro 4/20 in which the female vocals pushes the tune way over the tacky-border, sorry. Aside from this misstep the release is solid, a perfect match for any living room, ipod or adventurous hangout bar. Looking forward to see what Kai comes up with next.



Divider - Plastic Glamour Explosion! EP

4 tracks of vocodered retro italo electro To pigeonhole this one I would file it next to Reverso 88 Fun stuff and all tracks sound like they use the original equipment from the era

Changement radical d'ambiance avec Divider, déjà pensionnaire du label et également remarqué sur Beautycase Record. Disco laser Uptempo. Les vacances estivales à Rimini. La drague, le jeu des regards dans ce club ouvert sur la plage. Il faut être le meilleur sur la piste pour pouvoir ramener Natalina dans sa tente.

http://www.electrotation.de/reviews/review-divider-d.html :
Immer wieder unglaublich, dass wir im Jahre 2005 und nicht 1985 leben, denn genau dies vermutet man auch bei Dividers neuestem Release auf Berlins Beautycase. Vorsicht jedoch, denn das ganze sollte nicht sofort abgestempelt und in eine Schublade gesteckt werden - gut, "tanz ins Licht" und "Neon Dance" sind schon sehr poppig, doch der "helium frog" ist eben einffach witzig und nett. Sowas hat man doch vor ein paar Jahren noch positiv und als French-Elektro bewertet. Klar kann man sowas erstmal grundweg schlecht machen - klar jedoch auch, dass man es wohl selten auf Tanzflächen hören wird - aber ebenfalls klar, dass man mal was fröhliches zu Hause hören will. Jeder entscheidet schließlich selbst.

Für mich sind zur Zeit die Beautycase Releases der oberhammer! Genau meine Geschmack:
keen K / Dorian E. – Rykers Island Promo Copy

We LOVE this Tiga-tastic 4 tracker on the Beautycase label which is goingto
be HUGE for fans of quality retro 80's electro-disco. Each of the 4 tracks
here is a perfect mixture of Italo disco with decadent Legowelt electro
touches, vocoder vocals and crisp electro-house percussion. NOT NEW: BACK IN

-DIVIDER "Plastique Glamour Explosion!" (Beautycase): apparso già su Müller e Nature, il berlinese Keen-K approda ora su Beautycase con un eccellente e.p. costituito da cinque tracce segnate in modo inequivocabile da atmosfere 80's. Sprazzi al sound degli Adult, N.O.I.A. e rimembranze della hypno-trance in alcuni bassline forniscono gli attributi per fare di questa release la prima grande club-hit del 2005. Cercatelo ... a partire da gennaio.

www.rin.it / radio italia network:
Uscirà a gennaio questo eccellente extended-play firmato da Divider, progetto berlinese dietro il quale opera Keen-K già apparso su Müller con "Lazerboy" e sulla romana Nature nell'e.p. "Mission Three". Saranno ben 5 le tracce incise sul vinile, tutte accomunate da una passione più che evidente per la disco e per le atmosfere anni '80.

"Neon Dance" incarna bene tale discorso ponendo in prima linea bassline e complessi virtuosismi di tastiere melanconiche come del resto "Rome/Paris" col suo fascino puramente retro intersecato da accenni al rap-style. La b-side si apre in modo superlativo con "Tanz Ist Licht" (per la quale Divider si è avvalso del contributo vocale di TG, fondatore del leggendario negozio di dischi berlinese Das Drehmoment), traccia di pura electro-wave dai suoni 80's (e non poteva essere altrimenti), atmosfere glammy e ritmiche che mi ricordano lo stile degli italiani N.O.I.A. riapparsi due estati fa su Ersatz Audio.

I guess today I'll do a new top 10. I've selected my favourite synthesizer-tracks of all time. At least the tunes I call synthesizer tracks... So If you like spacey voices or bleepy sounds and all that, I'm sure you will love some of these tracks. On the other hand I think everyone should try these, because I believe it is a very nice selection of the finest synthesizer electro music.

Divider – Neon Dance , Replicant feta. Keen K Dorian E – Transient Beat, Divider – Tanz Ins Licht

I like your Tanz Ins Licht best! Such great sounds, catching Kraftwerk, Visage and the best NDW spirit at the same time.


- - - - - - Der Italo-Weihnachtsbaum raschelt auch im Frühling. Keen K. - in seiner “Divider” Verkleidung - unterwegs als Frauenschwarm und Lippenbefeuchter. Denn staunend offenstehende Münder werden so schnell trocken. Man möchte schwitzen, tanzen und Cocktails trinken. Hinter vorgehaltener Hand wird gemunkelt “Tanz ins Licht” wäre DER Elektropop Track des Jahres. Wellen rauschen.

Für mich sind zur Zeit die Beautycase Releases der oberhammer! Genau meine Geschmack:
keen K / Dorian E. – Rykers Island Promo Copy
das meiste ist recycled 80s stuff, aber dieser Track Helium Frog is der Brüller ! Echt gut gemacht - Übrigens :
Divider - Lazerboy EP auf Müller
is auch net schlecht

das meiste ist recycled 80s stuff, aber dieser Track Helium Frog is der Brüller ! Echt gut gemacht - Übrigens :
Divider - Lazerboy EP auf Müller
is auch net schlecht




keen K - Rock You

NRG M U S I C / Seattle / USA
Berlin's Keen K shows us he's the German answer to the likes of Legowelt` Nancy Fortune and Bangkok Impact with brilliant 4 track ep of electro and retro electro-disko. The title cut is a funky retro electro party stormer using Tackhead style beats and synths reminiscent of Cetu Javu's cult synth classic 'Situations'. Dope! 'Konstant Parallel' is an uptempo experimental racer ala Decal. 'I Hear Music' is the real hidden pleasure here` a 70's influenced mish-mash of soul` funk and electro with enough sampled references to classic tracks you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a Playgroup track- fantastic electronic disko! 'Neuralsysthematik' closes with a tribute to spacey Kraftwerkian electro.

Bleed  -  De:Bug
Sympathische einfache gelegentlich etwas überzogene Elektrotracks aus Berlin
mit relativ gut breakigen Beats, bleepigen Melodien in den verschiedensten
Spielarten des Genres. Von schnell und nah an Computerspielemusik für
Futuristen über trällernd und zum Mitsingen, bis hin zum Disco-HiEnergy
Retro mit dezenter Schnitzelfunktechnik oder abstrakterem digitalem
Elektronikafunk auf strangen Abwegen ist alles dabei. Und manchmal erwischt
es einen auch komplett.
bleed ****-*****

www.scrn.de Sub culture rhein-neckar
Keen K - Rock You
Abwechslungsreicher und zeitloser Elektro! Ob eher poppig („Rock you“), krachig-schiebend („Konstant parallel“), funky-ohrwurmig („I hear music“) oder sphärisch-schräg („Neuralsysthematik“) - der Berliner Keen K ist ein würdiger Vertreter des Mannheimer Starschnitt-Labels. Dieses schreibt sich auf die Fahne, die Vielfalt eines Künstlers hervorzubringen, dabei aber einer eigenen Linie treu zu bleiben. Und die heißt: Elektro! (MWM)

keen K – rock You

Keen K (Berlin) is obviously still one of those undiscovered pearls of the electro-pop-scene, although his qualities cannot be limited to this genre. Supporting the great verity of an artist, without loosing his own style is also a part of the philosophy,that the label Starschnitt Records from Mannheim withholds. rock you: a timeless radio as club – cracker!! Upper class electro pop. Fabulous hook consisting
of a crisp bassline sequences, fat synthesizerlines and nice playful elements. Simply a “sing along” and the beat pumps through the program!! konstant parallel: New school electro.



Divider - Trashpop For Lovers EP

Gute Musik mit eigenem persönlichem Charakter... gibt es nicht??? Ihr habt auch die Schnauze voll von der 1000sten Dream Tunnel Techno Club Viva MTV Trance Produktion die alle gleich klingen und nach dem 3 mal Hören auf den Sondermüll befördert werden.
Den billig Plagiaten a la Scooter Jan Wayne und Konsorten - fällt denen nichts eigenes mehr ein ???
Es gibt wieder Hörenswertes, das ich zwischen all den 08/15 Produktionen für euch entdeckt habe.
" Bobby Orlando meets Fischerspooner in a Italo Disco Legowelt, umschreibt den kommenden Retro 80`s Club Hit und die neue Nr. 1 von www.toefte-mucke.de , am besten.
Interpret: DIVIDER alias Kai Keen - Numbered 500 Copies Only - 5 different Track Vinyl 12"
Jetzt die private Erstauflage, für alle PSB - Bobby O" - Ialo Disco Liebhaber die wirkliche musikalische Neuentdeckung !

[DAS DREHMOMENT - DDEP 001 - 17381] - € 10,90
Divider is influenced by early 80ies Italo Disco and Hi-NRG. He adds his
own dimension to it. Different styles - from Italo & robodisco to wave-pop
- on one EP. Apparantly the first track ’Lazerboy’ is already an
established HI-NRG stomper in Japan..

Inmitten der momentanen Flut unertr�glicher seudo-Eighties-Synth-Revival-Platten der letzten Monate stellt vorliegende 5-Track-EP eine wahrlich erfrischende Ausnahme dar! Der Berliner Plattenladen "Das Drehmoment", spezialisiert auf authentischen New Wave, Electro, Techno & Industrial, wagt nach seiner "Das Drehmoment" LP-Compilation den Sprung ins aktuelle 12-Zoller-Release-Business. Der A-Seitentrack der Maxi wurde bereits vor Ver�ffentlichung in der regelm��igen "Das Drehmoment" Show auf www.dj-sets.com getestet und schlug dort ein wie eine Bombe. Tats�chlich steckt in "Discoo Travolta" dann auch das gr��te Potential aller f�nf Beitr�ge. Mit eine pulsierenden Bobby-Orlando-Sequenz, einer zum Verlieben herrlich naiven Synthmelodie und wohl platzierten Vocoderspracheinlagen kann das St�ck in allen Belangennur punkten! Wie auch die restichen Tracks der EP spielt Divider-Macher KeenK gekonnt mit Versatzst�cken aus Hi-NRG Sounds & -Sequenzen der Achtziger Jahre (Patrick Cowley, Giorgio Moroder, Bobby Orlando, etc.) und garniert diese mit Verweisen auf Telex, Flirts, Man2Man meet Man Parrish und viele andere. Den Kardinalfehler der momentan so aktuellen Electroclash/Gigolo-Szene vermeidet er und verzichtet darauf, nur Klassikertracks in Titel und Souns zu zitieren bzw. unn�tig lediglich in neuem Gewand zu pr�sentieren. Definitive Sommerplatte - volle Punktzahl!

Changement radical d'ambiance avec Divider, déjà pensionnaire du label et également remarqué sur Beautycase Record. Disco laser Uptempo. Les vacances estivales à Rimini. La drague, le jeu des regards dans ce club ouvert sur la plage. Il faut être le meilleur sur la piste pour pouvoir ramener Natalina dans sa tente.



redagain P. vs. keen K - Urlaub am Strand

Newschool-Elektro aus Deutschland, der aber entgegen der Labelinformation dann doch nicht ganz ohne Retro-Anleihen auskommt. Nichts-destotrotz sehr coole Beats, die von einer ungeheuren Soundvielfalt umwoben werden, ohne überladen zu wirken. Die hervorragend produzierte EP umfaßt 5 Tracks, die den Bogen von chilligen Vorprogrammklängen zu bestem Dancefloorsound spannen. ][ motik ]

debug ( bleed )
Überraschenderweise eine Elektro EP auf Lo-Fi, die mal wieder zeigt, dass C Rock wirklich für alles offen ist. Der extrem umtriebige Redagain P, seit Jahren an einem eigenen sehr reduzierten sehr klaren Elektrostil arbeitend, trifft hier auf den Berliner Kenn K für 5 rockend klare Tracks, die einen daran erinnern, dass man doch noch auf der Basis einer Kraftwerk Struktur eine ungeahnte Funkyness erzeugen kann. Fast klinisch in der Robotertradition was die Sounds betrifft, die kurzen Andeutungen in sehr gut arrangierten Schnipseln und Harmonien, ist "Urlaub am Stand" natürlich ganz gegen den Titel sehr virtuelle Musik, die selten aus dem Cyborgkosmos hinaus will, schon gar nicht an den Strand, wo es so fies nass ist, was Elektronik noch nie gut fand, und gar nicht streetwise, ausser die Strassen bestünden seit kurzem nur noch aus Neonstreams und clickenden Schaltkreisen. Sehr korrekte EP aber, und am besten wenn sie wie auf "LSD Experience" sogar noch den Boden des eigenen Stils verlässt.

eiskristall - 23-Jan-05 07:29 AM
This is another treasure I recently retrieved from my archive and I didn't knew that I still own it... today I think it's a brilliant release. Funky experimental robo-tech electro which reminds me in some parts a bit on Kraftwerk (especially the tracks containing a vocoder voice) and at the same time on some of the best Direct Beat tunes. Each track here sounds individual, so they are easily recognizable again when you hear it, they are not only tools for DJ's.




redagain P. vs. keen K - 800 trak

de Bug
Die eine Seite gehört zwei Tracks von Keen K. mit einem sehr schnellen Elektrotrack. Plockernde schwarze Sounds, überraschend irre flinken Rhythmuslinien, die immer wieder Umwege nehmen, die einen aufs Kreuz legen. Waghalsige Skatermusik für Leute mit einer großartigen pflegeleichten Krankenversicherung. Sehr funky und trotz aller Geschwindigkeit sehr deep. Danach ein ruhigerer mit hittigerer Bassline, der aber nach einiger Zeit ein ähnlich gutes Gefühl für ein sich durch extrem durchdachte Beats in Szene setzen findet. Redagain P auf der Rückseite kontert mit mindestens ebenso durchdachten Rhythmen, detroitigeren Sounds und während auf der einen Seite alles sehr direkt und in your face war, ist es hier eher auf eine langwierigere Deepness angelegt, die aber genauso gut nur halt in längeren Kreisen wirkt. Das Stück mit Smash J. bringt dann noch eine dritte Art von Excitement ins Spiel. Extrem cooler 4 Tracker auf dem jeder Track ein Hit ist, und jeder die Grenze für Elektro, wie er heute produziert werden kann, ein Stück hochlegt.


keen K / dorian E. - Ryker's Island

Dieses Nu-Wave-Projekt erinnert an prächtig aufgemotzten
Faltemeyer-Sound: Vollsynthetisch, schmatzend elektroid, und dank der
bezaubernden vielseitig intonierten Gesangsparts á la Grace Jones ist
es eine kleine Elektro-Delikatesse. Zubereitet aus altbewärhrten die
Zutaten sind Vocoderismen, glöckchenhaften FM-Sounds,
Jean-Michael-Jarre-artige Synth-Inszenierungen und niedlichste
Melodien im NDW-Uptempo. Zuckersüßer Lollipop-Elektro. 5/6 Chris

DMC Update Magazine:
Seventieth Beautycase release 'Rykers Island' is a 10" by Divider's
Keen K and expressive rock singer Dorian E who's graced with a pretty
unique organ, lyrical and sexy. Inviting you to the fantasy world of
imaginative adolescents, the four, mostly nostalgic, tracks they have
written together take you on a different electro-pop journey of
fast-paced breaks, strong melodies and positive moods. With its
vintage synth/drum sounds standout track 'Homeless' collides A-ha and
early Depeche Mode to great results (158 BPM).
5/5 Jerry Bouthier



a1: 5/5
a2: 3/5
b1: 4/5
b2: 4/5

Consider this very good ratings because i don't even buy these type or
music, i bought this one because the songs are amazing .. i believe a1
and b1 could become major hits, maybe with slightly different
arrangements. I charted this, but it doesn't fit in my dj-set at all (i
play straight techno). Great material!

Congrats on this one and keep up the good work!
/Nihad, Sweden

hysteric - 21-Jun-06 08:13 AM ( www.discogs.com - review )
Beautycase-Records is somewhat hit and miss with their releases, but this one is a definite *HIT*. A really nice EP of short but ultra-sweet synthie pop delights. Crystal-clear synth melodies and some super vocals from Dorian E assure repeated listening.
If you like artists such as Solvent, DMX Krew or Kitbuilders this record will make you happy.



World Of Discorder --- TAN - Eyes Are Burning

...After that Trans-Active Nightzone treats us with a track of beauty only seldom heard. 'Eyes are burning' is a melancholy elektro-wave song that will appeal to all people that love true wave music. Trans-Active Nightzone is a new collaboration between Echo West and Keen K. Judging this song we can expect a lot more good music from them in the future....
World of Disorder shows different types of elektro sounds and in doing this it is a very nice compilation. Absolute highlight is the Trans-Active Nightzone song, which is worth buying this record for on its own.

... TRANS-ACTIVE NIGHTZONE ist zwar ein neuer Name in der Szene, hinter dem aber bekannte Leute stecken, die auch bei Echo West und Fallen Apart aktiv sind. Eine eigene Platte ist bei Disorder Records schon geplant. Der Anfang von „Eyes Are Burning“ klingt fast wie ein früher Depeche Mode Song, dann wird´s mit flächigen Keyboards und einer dezenten Gitarre aber genial wavig. Das erinnert fast an Bands wie For Against, frühe Clan Of Xymox und andere alte New Wave Helden. BAKTERIELLE INFEKTION lassen auch mal wieder von sich hören, leider immer noch nicht mit neuen Material, sondern der „Clean Version“ von „My Life´s Unreal“ (Original auf der Split 7“ mit A²). Ein schöner Minimal-Electro-Pop Song, der aber einmal mehr den Ruf nach dem lange angekündigten neuen Album „Cities Of Glass“ laut werden lässt. (...)


http://www.clubbing.slask.pl/recenzje64.html Forum
- This time we have been surprised by kept (maintained) in (to) from characteristic " " nowofalowej Eyes are bruning Trans-Active Nightzone.
- Order leads us on thought of classics from analog tone " new ".
- Beautiful (fine) sequences melodyczne and zadziorne, as subdue guitar riffy, with (from) insertion przeplatują vokalnymi and they are leaned sound percussive rusztowaniem.
- Project it among new echo " " Trans-Active Nightzone kolaboracja West and Keen K. It allows to expect that on more similar stuff in future we.

TAN - Live @ Neonwelt
Den Höhepunkt des Abends bildete das Projekt Trans-Active-Nightzone. Gesang und Gesicht erinnerten mich stark an das Projekt Echo West, wie das wohl kommt. Allerdings klingt dieses Projekt nicht ganz so düster. Rein musikalisch könnte man den Sound wohl am ehesten als Cold Pop bezeichnen. Erzeugt wurde er von einem Sänger, einem Gitarristen und einem Keyboarder. Maschinen übernahmen den Rest. Bei den beiden letzten Stücken wurden sogar die Stimmen abgespielt, was dem Sänger wie auch dem Publikum ein vollständiges Abtauchen in den Sound ermöglichte.



Ex Fan Des Sixties (keen K Production)
(...) Und: Die Hörproben haben meine Vermutung bestätigt:
"Pourquois tu vis" ist klasse, "Banana Split" ist gut, aber nicht so mein Geschmack, aber "Ex Fan des Sixties" ist herausragend, könnte sogar eins meiner persönlichen Top-Lieder des Jahres werden! Ich finde das beste französische Lied von Elke bzw. Paula, die es je gab! Wunderschön, erstmal ist der Song gut und dann Elkes Stimme - herrlich!
Bin jetzt schon immer gespannter auf das Album.

(...) Ich hab ja nun schon oft genug betont, dass "Ex-Fan des Sixties" mein Liebling ist. Der Kauf hat sich deshalb schon gelohnt - schließlich ist es das einzige Lied, das nicht auf dem Album sein wird.

Und dann das Highlight: Ein Jane Birkin - Cover, "Ex-Fan des Sixties". Eins der wenigen Lieder, bei denen mir einmal die Tränen kamen. Wunderschön und in wenigen Worten (oder eher Namen) auf den Punkt gebracht, was in den Sechzigern TOP war und heute vermisst wird.
Diese Single ist ein Muss - für PAULA-Fans und Französich-Fans.




Replicant EP


Replicant - X-posure EP

Not exactly George news this, but definitely George related.
100% Boy like to give a helping hand to George's colleagues and collaberators given the chance!

Replicant is a project by Kinky Roland, who has worked with George on numerous occasions, most recently being credited producer of The Twin singles. His debut as an electro artist is on beautycase-records, co-operating with 80's stars Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17), Princess Julia (The Blitz Kidz), and todays electro producer Keen K.

The project Replicant is focused on electro and italo, always with some excellent vocal help of singer icons, and sometimes Roland himself.

Watch out for Replicant's DJ appearances and live-shows!!

Diese Platte hat zwar schon im März die Veröffentlichung genossen. Da sie aber als gut zu bewerten ist, stellen wir sie trotzdem so spät noch vor.
Auf der Vinyl sind insgesamt vier unterschiedliche Stücke vorhanden. Auffällig ist, dass sie sich alle sehr ähneln.
Der Grundrhythmus kommt aus den 80er Jahren. Der Gesang stammt von heute. Hier gesellt sich teilweise die Pop – und Technostrukur. So verwundert an sich nicht, dass auch der Produzent vom letzten Boy George – Projekt mitgewirkt hat. Daher auch die einheitliche Grundstimmung, die aber dann umso heftiger für Stimmung im Club sorgen kann.
Lediglich auf der B – Seite gibt es noch einen Remix, der ein wenig an die Ural 13 Dictators erinnert. In diesem Sinne…anhören und selber überzeugen!

REPLICANT ist ein Projekt von dem in London lebenden Musiker und Produzernt Kinky Roland. Dieser zeichnete zuletzt als Produzent für Boy Georges aktuelles Electro Projekt "The Twin", eine Serie von limitierten 7" Veröffentlichungen, verantwortlich. Sein Debüt als Electromusiker erscheint unter der Mitwirkung der legendären Stimme von Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17). Der Song "X-Posed" ist nicht nur durch die Stimme von Glenn ein echter Knaller auch, denn der Song geht sofort in die Beine und die Melodie setzt sich unlösbar im Kopf fest. Weitere Gäste auf der "X-Posure E.P." sind Princess Julia (The Most, The Dirty Monroes) und Keen K (aka Divider). REPLICANT steht für eine Mischung aus Electro und Electro-Disco, gerne mit der Unterstützung exzellenter Sänger. Vielleicht ist "X-Posed" sogar der Szene-übergreifende Frühlingshit 2004 ???!!!

REPLICANT ist ein Projekt des Londoner Musikers Kinky Roland & dem Berliner keen K. Zuletzt als Produzent für Boy Georges Electro Projekt "The Twin" tätig geht Roland nun eigene musikalische Wege. Unter der Mitwirkung von Sänger Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17) erscheint dieser Tage der Song „X-Posed" und schaffte bereits den Einstieg in die DAC. Tanzbar und rhymtischer Electropop, der mit viel Gefühl rüberkommt. Man darf gespannt sein auf das kommende Debut Album auf dem weitere Gastsänger zu hören sein werden.



Das Drehmoment Dreht weiter ...
keen K / dorian E. - Ocean Grass

name : kommander / found on globaldarkness.com / Board
i don't like to make playlists or something like that...in fact i hate that shit for dj
but ...sometimes some people have to know ...
i really like this new wave track ( a real HIT !!! )
keen k / dorian e : Ocean Grass

I listen this song again and again...very very very good
and cult ! bravo. good shoot,  thomas!



Divider - Lazerboy (Mueller Records)

SKILLS records / roma / italy

After a long break Müller comes back with the new
artist Divider from the heart of Berlin. Lazerboy was
taken from the Music for Lovers EP made by Divider.
A fine lovely production that moved already the
musiclovers at Müller events in Tokyo. Added with an
extended mix by its originator the A side comes with a
Beroshima Remix. Fine crispy sounds and the fine
combination of high tech and minimal beats makes this
record something you cant hide.

Sub culture rhein-neckar
Bewertung : 3/6
Divider - Lazerboy
Das Label hat mal wieder einen neuen Artist an Land gezogen. Divider kommt aus Berlin und stellt mit dieser Scheibe seine Produktion "Lazerboy" gleich in zwei verschiedenen Versionen vor. Beide Tracks sind vom Aufbau fast identisch. Vorwärts treibende Electrobeats und viele miteinander harmonierende electroklänge/stimmen begleiten die Stücke. Im Vergleich kommt allerdings die B-Seite verspielter rüber. (SW)

Benne a.k.a. Stalker   www. convulse.de
Lange nichts gehört von Müller! Vielleicht liegt’s daran, dass sich der Herr Label-Boss derzeit mehr in Japan als hierzulande rumzutreiben scheint? Das Berliner Label war ja einer der Vorreiter des Sounds, der heute gern als „Electro“ bezeichnet wird, es aber eigentlich ja gar nicht ist. Nun denn, genau diese vage definierte Soundmischung aus Retro und Pop steht auch hier wieder im Mittelpunkt: Locker-fluffiger Beat und dazu massenweise 80s-Elemente wie Vocoder-Stimme, vibrierende Basslines usw. Seite A kommt mit einer Überarbeitung des Tracks von Herrn Müller selbst (Beroshima Remix), der mir aber etwas zu hektisch ist um wirklich oft in den Clubs zu laufen. Auf B dagegen ein Extended Mix vom Erschaffer selbst plus Original, die beide eine äußerst poppige Melodie als Thema verarbeiten und damit in nächster Zeit sicherlich recht häufig zu hören sein werden.