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Replicant Feat. Jonny Slut - Suck Suck

Including the Starcluster Remix "Suck Suck". Nag Nag Nag / Atomizer legend Jonny Slut


Released March 2018
Released on Beatport, UK / US

Label: Icon Series, ICONS012
1.1 Suck Suck (Original)
1.2 Suck Suck (Punx Soundcheck Remix)
1.3 Suck Suck (Starcluster Remix)


 "Suck Suck"Starcluster Remix

Italo Disco Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

2xLP Album, ltd. numbered Deluxe Set, red or blue vinyl, incl. DVD Documentary


Release 2018
with Fred Ventura, Body Electric, The Expansives, The Hacker, A. Robotnick, Starcluster, Alba, Wanexa, Flemming Dalum & Steen, Cariocas, ...

Released on Private Records, Germany cat no. 369.047 - 049
B1 Alba - Philomena
C1 Alba feat. Fred Ventura - Without You
D1 Starcluster with Marc Almond - Get Closer

Kati Kovács ‎– Kérdés Önmagamhoz (A Question To Myself)

Including the keen K in Japan Remix "Kérdés Önmagamhoz".


Released April 2017
2 x Vinyl 7inch Limited Edition, Numbered,
comes in a special format gatefold sleeve

Released on No More Pop, France cat no. NMP005
1.1 Kérdés Önmagamhoz (Original)
1.2 Kérdés Önmagamhoz (Flemming Dalum Remix)
2.1 Kérdés Önmagamhoz (keen K In Japan Remix)
2.2 Kérdés Önmagamhoz (Roland Sebastian Faber Remix)


keen K In Japan Remix

Starcluster And Marc Almond - Silver City Ride LP/Album

Limited edition. Gatefold Cover. Blue and black vinyl. Sold out!
+ Limited "non gatefold cover" repress 04/2017: black & red black slpatter vinyl. Limited to 50 copies!

split01 Silver City Ride
02 Pixelated
03 Avatar
04 The City Cries
05 Smoke And Mirrors
06 To Have And Have Not
07 The Shallows
08 I Don't Kiss
09 Always With You
10 Get Closer

Release date : Oktober 2016, on the label Closing The Circle ( Private Records )

Silver City Ride
The City Cries
To Have And Have Not
The Shallows
I Don't Kiss
Always With You
Get Closer

Marge and the Marvellous ‎– A Distant Dance

Including the keen K remix "A Distant Dance".


Released 2016
2 x Vinyl 7inch Limited Edition, Numbered, comes in a special format gatefold sleeve

Released on No More Pop, France cat no. NMP002
1.1 A Distant Dance (Original)
1.2 A Distant Dance (Murphy Jax Rework)
2.1 A Distant Dance (Flemming Dalum Remix)
2.2 A Distant Dance (Keen K Remix)

A Distant Dance keen K Remix

Marc Almond - The Dancing Marquis

Including the Starcluster remix "Worship Me Now".


Released 2014
LP CD with the track "Worship Me Now" written by Marc Almond, Jarvis Cocker ( Pulp ) and Jason Buckle.

Released on Strike Force Entertainment, UK.

Worship Me Now Starcluster Remix

Mindstrip - Polymere  CD Album

Including the keen K remix "Girl Like You".


Released November, 07, 2014

First album CD from the german band Mindstrip. Including the remix of the track "Girl Like You".

Release on the German label Echozone

Girl Like You - keen K remix

Mindstrip - By the Way EP

Including the keen K remix "Cold Like You".


Released May, 16, 2014

EP with 2 original tracks "By The Way" and "War Is Over"
Additional remixes by keen K, Wort-Ton, Freder, Incense Seven Perfumes, Theatre of Masquerade

Release on the German label Echozone

By The Way - keen K remix

Radio Cosmos - Synth Dimension 2 LP

Limited edition of 220 copies. 


Side A: keen K
Side B: Hyboid
Side C: Kid Machine & Flemming Dalum
Side D: Infinity Night

Release date : Dec 12 2013, on the French label Radio Cosmos

keen K - Free Space Limit
keen K - Illuminate
keen K - Dark Silver Blue

METROLAND - 'Mind The Gap' 2CD

Including the keen K remix "m-e-t-r-o".


First release from the Belgian Band METROLAND. An excellent electro release from two well known belgian guys.
The 2CD set includes a limited remix CD with remixes from Komputer, Franck Kartell, Sternrecorder, Celluloide, Darank and others.

Release date : Sep 07 2012, on the Belgian label Alfa Matrix


m-e-t-r-o    keen K remix


Radio Cosmos - Split Dimension EP 2

The latest release on Radio Cosmos: Once again Side A keen K, side B Infinity Night.


A new Split Dimension. This is Volume 2. Three new Italo Disco tracks from keen K and three new Italo Synth tracks by Infinity Night.
All tracks are recorded with analog gear. Once again a collaboration with Kinky Roland on "Love Robot" and "You are my magic".

Limited vinyl edition of 250 copies, coloured.

keen K vs. Kinky Roland - Love Robot
keen K - You Are My Magic (vocals by Kinky R)
keen K - Inverted Sequence (instrumental)


ALBA feat. Fred Ventura - Without You


This release on Aube Records is a collaboration of keen K, Michael Künzer and Fred Ventura (vocals).
Recorded & mixed by keen K & Markus K. on a SSL desk in Berlin, mastered with Manly Massive Passive EQ's and old analogue gear in Rothenburg/Tauber.
Cover by the legendary Syd Brak.



Alba - Without You Side A
Alba - Without You Dub Side B


Radio Cosmos - Split Dimension EP

The latest release on Radio Cosmos: Side A keen K, side B Infinity Night.


From Italo Disco to Electronica... 4 tracks of romantic Italo and Electro Disco sounds from keen K. "Touch me" was sung by Kinky Roland.
"Night Dancer" is an uptempo Hi-NRG stomper, sung by André G. from Infam. "Methaphysica" is pure minimal wave pop with vocals by FB.
On the other side are 3 beautiful synthpop tracks from Infinity Night, vocals by FB.

Limited vinyl edition of 250 copies, coloured.

keen K - Ouverture Imaginaire
keen K - Metaphysica ( vocals by FB )
keen K - Night Dancer ( vocals by Infam )
keen K - Touch Me ( vocals by Kinky Roland )



ALBA - Philomena

Alba is a project from Aube Records with Roland Sebastian Faber, keen K and Michael Künzer.


Up until now, Alba have been skirting the edges of Aube. With their remix of The Fascination Movement’s “Down Again” the triumvirate of Roland Sebastian Faber, Keen K and Label Owner Michael Künzer cut their Alba teeth. Such a team, ranging from labels like Clone, Das Drehmoment and Viewlexx, can only be described as formidable. Finally, Alba have managed to bridge the gap of their various European bases and produce an EP, ‘Philomena.’
The 12”, titled after Künzer’s one year old daughter, contains three tracks; Philomena 1-3. Each track has a different twist to it, showcasing what the able electronic Alba are capable of. “Philomena 1” is a cosmic synth fuelled work. The track has the energy of Explorer alongside a warbling analogue line with some vocoder additions to boot. Another element is added to the mix when some Faber style space lands in the latter stage of the track. “Philomena 2” sees a change in tone. This time the beats are lowered as a downtempo air arrives. Embedded in the analogue swirl and soft beats are gentle rising vocals. There is a electro boogie within the bars of this piece, but it is the electronic depth that rings true. The final instalment, “Philomena 3” keeps the heavy synthesizer sound going. The track is a keyboard day dream, a medley of notes rising and falling with an epic Vangelis undertone running throughout. Warm female vocals cascade into the frame, with notes shifting within the synthesizer sphere of sound.
‘Philomena’ sees Aube undertake a project of diverse styles. Cosmic synth, laid back electronics and a analogue soundtrack piece. Three highly talented artists coming together for three tracks. If that isn’t exciting for the world of electronics what is?

Limited Vinyl edition, high quality 180 gram vinyl. Artwork by the legendary Charles Bals.

Alba - Philomena Part 1
Alba - Philomena Part 2
Alba - Philomena Part 3


Electrosexual feat. Scream Cub - Break Me Nice


As a producer, DJ and video director, Electrosexual has worked with the likes of Peaches, Robots In Disguise and Ssion. This new release features vocals from: Shunda K. (Yo! Majesty), Zoe Vermillion (Vermillion Lies) and Mz Sunday Luv. It also includes exclusive remixes from Divider, Hard Ton and Leonard De Leonard...

Break You Nice ( Divider Remix )

Label : Rock Machine Records ( France ), 12" Vinyl, ltd. edition, cat-no. RM 003

Various Artists - Darkness Before Dawn 2


2 CD Compilation with Golden Apes, Frank The Baptist, House Of Usher, Invincible Spirit, Alien Scullpaint, Xeno & Oaklander, Tobias Bernstrup, Second Planet and others...

Label: Upscene
Release 2010

CD 2 : Trans-Active Nightzone - White Rooms



Various Artist - Sythetic Planet


Vinyl, 2 x LP
Label: Radio Cosmos (France)
Release: 2010
Cat-no: RC004

keen K - When The Moon Falls Down


including: S.C.D., Aldo Bergamachine, Anosphere, Young Monday, Antilles, The Sweeps, Infinitynight, VZ Vintage Project




Various Artists - Zvuková Vlna 6


Sound Wave Of Germany
CD, Various Artists
This CD is a part of the magazine VLNA 40
Release 02-2010
cat.no. R144 0009-2-331, Slovakia

including :
keen K - Stratic Beat

incl. Kitbuilders, Alien Scull Paint, Beta Evers, Charles Kent, Echo West, Berl. Synthesizer Orchester, Second Planet, ...



Various Artists - Global Surveyor Phase 3


CD, 3xVinyl
Label: Dominance Electricity
Release 12-2009
cat.no. DR-043

including :
keen K - Nozomi

melodic Deep Space Electrofunk tracks from Weltwirtschaft, Dagobert, Middle Men, Direct Control, DJE, Geoglyph, ...



Various Artists - Minimal Baby Vol. II


CD Compilation
Label: Skull Line
Release 10-2009
cat.no. SLCD002-09

Trans-Active Nightzone - Lovesick ( CD 1 )
Trans-Active Nightzone - Logical And Interfered ( CD 2, Bonus )

inclidung: Klement, Neongrau, A², Solitude FX, Echo West, Nejet Nok, ...

Logical And Interfered


Various Artists - Mr & Mrs Smith In Bed With...


CD Compilation
Label: Spark Marketing Entertainment ( UK )
Release 08-2009

Marc Almond - That Dress (keen K Remix)

including: The Beta Band, Empire Of The Sun, Television, Velvet Underground, Air France, ... and many more...